About Will2Train:

Will2Train’s mission is help people who are frustrated with the way their body looks, feels, and moves. Will2Train was created to guide, help, and support people who have failed at creating a lasting and meaningful change in their body. When you train with Will2Train you will lose fat, build muscle, and move with less pain.

Whether you have tried programs in the past and gotten short term results but then went back to your old habits and gained weight again, or are confused by all of the programs and “knowledge” out there, Will2Train is for you. 

About Will:

13 year fitness professional

Lifelong fitness enthusiast

Competitive Bodybuilding experience

Competitive Strongman Experience

  • 2016 North American Strongman 175lb Log Press record holder

Former Law Enforcement Officer

SWAT team member

Defensive Tactics instructor

SPEAR system certified instructor

Current and prior certifications/education

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Fitour Advanced Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition L1 (PN1)

Meet the Trainers:


sean luke

As a young child my Dad advocated for me and my siblings to enjoy the outdoors; we joined sports’ teams and spent most of our free time on outdoor activities. Nevertheless, after my parents’ divorce these habits fell to the wayside. I ended up spending most of my childhood enjoying solitude, playing lots of video games and eating junk food…lots of junk food. For most of my school years I was bullied as a result of my weight and ultimately decided to change my lifestyle. I lost 100 pounds over the course of a year through cardio and being mindful of my eating and food choices. After my first heartbreak, I went through a rebellious period where I spent most of time playing in a punk band and partying; I lost sense of who I was and what I wanted. 

I eventually realized what this road would lead to and thus began to get back on track with a more health-conscious lifestyle. I was introduced to weight lifting but was diagnosed with hypothyroid which led to difficulty finding the best path to take in becoming healthy again. Due to lack of help and resources from Western medicine, I began to research everything nutrition and ultimately found a system which led me to change my diet and exercise plan. After years of practice and gaining experience in training and nutrition, I was able to become healthier and stronger and rid myself of injuries. 

I came from an introverted lifestyle where I found happiness in eating and shut out the world through video games. I gained my confidence through finding exercise and fitness.

My mission is to help others find and achieve the same fortitude that a healthier lifestyle has afforded me.