Success Stories from Will2Train

Rob Ibanez

Robert Ibanez

So I decided to sign up for a Strongman competition, and I had no clue what I was in for. Spoke with Will regarding how to train for the competition and what to expect!

I started my training sessions three months out from the competition. Will had all the answers to the hundreds of questions I had regarding diet, recovery, training, lifting techniques, and much more! As the competition drew closer the strongman workout sessions grew longer and harder! Will continuously pushed me to my limits! His training sessions were always unpredictable and never lacked motivational push! The tips he provided to the techniques of how to lift properly helped me push my Max lifts to another level!

The competition came and my body never felt better! I entered the competition with expectations of just not finishing last! Will was there to coach me through it. I never felt so motivated to lift so much during the competition! Due to the intense training sessions, along with a last full week of rest, the competition weights felt lighter than before! I completed the competition by winning the 200lb and under men’s comp (although weighing only 175lbs!).

I owe a lot to Will for all his advice and training through it all! If your looking for results, motivation and just an all around good guy and trainer, Will is the guy you need.

Thanks Will for all the help!

Robert Ibanez

Frank Jacques


I came toWill2Train with aches and pains, growing health concerns, and working long hours was becoming challenging physically. I challenged myself to do the the Will2Train program and it has benefited me in many aspects of my life.

My health concerns have all but diminished, I no longer have the same aches and pains that I used to have, and my body is stronger and allows me to withstand longer hours at work without any back pain.

This program has made a huge impact on my life and I can now move around pain free.

Specifically I have had the following benefits:

I have never felt better

I am more flexible

My arm pain went away

I am now able to withstand longer hours at work without pain

The program is challenging but manageable

My diabetic numbers improved




Mike Miceli

Michael Miceli

In early 2017 I came to Will looking for help getting started on a strength training program. At that time I weighed about 155 lbs. I was running a lot and was in good cardiovascular shape. However, I was not lifting weights and was not very strong. My job requires me to be physical at times and wear heavy equipment. My lower back was constantly in pain.

Will put me on a strength training program that included powerlifting and a variety of strongman exercises. Will has helped guide me over the last 2 1/2 years. I now weigh about 205 pounds. I have put on a significant amount of muscle without losing my cardiovascular conditioning. My lower back feels incredibly strong now and no longer hurts me at all.


Michael Miceli